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Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

Talk to a Card Payment Expert & Save

We designed our Credit Card Processing Consultation service for Texas businesses who want low cost payment processing but aren’t sure how to get it. The service starts with a free in-house phone consultation that includes:

  • a direct line to a credit card processing specialist;
  • help navigating your business’s payment processing needs; and
  • the option to sign up with a payment processor at rates our specialist negotiates for your business.

The sad fact is that few small or even midsize businesses have the clout to negotiate low rates and good contract terms with a payment processor on their own. We created this free service to solve that problem for our clients.

How to Request Your Free Consultation

All of our Texas business clients are eligible for a free credit card processing consultation when they sign up for one of our paid services.

Here’s how to make that happen:

  1. Simply sign up for our Texas registered agent service, or hire us to form your Texas LLC or Texas corporation.
  2. Select the optional “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” on the order form, and then complete your order.
  3. After you request your free consultation, one of our industry experts will reach out to you by email to schedule a call.

What is Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing is a service, provided by payment processors, that allows you to accept credit card payments at your business. Credit card processing is a common blanket term for all sorts of payment options, including credit card payments, debit card payments, EBT, and online money transfers.

So when we refer to credit card processing throughout this page, keep in mind that we mean the whole ecosystem of payment options that don’t involve cash or paper checks.

With your free credit card processing consultation, you get:

  • Quick service. We bet you have better things to do with your time than haggle. When you request your free consultation, we set up a phone call within a few business days and we make sure that call counts. The sooner we do that, the sooner you can start accepting credit card payments.
  • A direct line to an expert. With your free consultation, you won’t be speaking to mere sales agents. You’ll get connected directly with one of our credit card processing experts. Their job is to ask the right questions and put together the best payment processing solutions for your business.
  • A free quote. Our main goal is getting you the best deal. We’ll match you with the right payment processor for your business’s needs, and we’ll get you a rates package that will help your business save. We can even help you get the processing tools—the software or hardware— your business needs.
  • No strings attached. The credit card processing consultation is on us, and you are not bound to any package we put together for you. If you like our offer, awesome. If you don’t, no problem. We’re happy enough as your Texas registered agent.

How Our Service Works

Our goal is to get to know your business’s credit card processing needs and then help you apply for a merchant account with a payment processor at low rates. Here’s how the process works:

  1. We’ll get down to brass tacks about your business needs.
    To determine your rates and the type of hardware or software you’ll need to accept payments, we’ll discuss your business type, how you’d like to take payments, your current or estimated monthly sales, and your average transaction.
  2. We’ll help you complete and submit your application.
    To sign up with the processor at the rates we negotiate for you, the first stage of the application has to go through us. We’ll submit your basic company information to the processor, information about the services and equipment you need, and the fees you’ll pay.
  3. The processor reviews your application.
    After we help you submit your application, the payment processor’s underwriters will communicate with you about your personal and financial information—neither of which is our business. We bow out for this part of the process until the underwriters decide if they approve your account at our requested pricing.
  4. You choose how you want to proceed.
    If the processor approves your account, you can sign your merchant agreement and be on your way to taking card payments. If they don’t approve, they’ll likely submit a counter-offer, and we’ll help you consider your options. And if push comes to shove, we can talk about submitting your account to a different processor instead.

Once you’re approved and accepting card payments, we aren’t going anywhere. We’ll monitor your statements when needed, answer your questions, and serve as your guide over the years. We’ll be your go-between with the payment processor, and we’ll help make sure you’re not caught off-guard by hidden fees and surprise charges.

Why We Can Help You Save

Most payment processors find and sign up new merchants through sales agents and other third-party companies. The processors set these intermediaries up with low base rates that they can mark up however they see fit. That means your payment processor tends to matter less than the person or company who signs you up—at least when it comes to the overall fees you’ll pay.

And that’s the reason we can get you a better deal. We’re already a healthy company with a steady revenue stream, so we don’t need to mark up your rates excessively to pay the bills. You’ll pay the non-negotiable fees everyone pays, plus small markups to cover our costs for maintaining your account with the payment processor. That’s it.

Think of it this way: When your business prospers, we have a client for years. So it helps our business to help you save on credit card processing.

Why Choose Texas Registered Agent LLC?

Plenty of companies and individual sales agents can hook you up to accept credit card payments, but we’re among the few whose existence doesn’t depend on credit card processing services. Here’s why that matters:

  • We have no reason to add excessive markups. We have every reason to help you save.
  • We have options since we work with multiple payment processors. That means you have options, too.
  • We’ve got the experience and connections to negotiate. That gives your business leverage.
  • Our goal is to get your business the card payment options and tools you need at a rate you’ll like.

Why else should you choose Texas Registered Agent LLC? Because we won’t sign you up and then ditch you. We can be your voice for years to come.


Credit Card Processing Service FAQs

Why Is the Phone Consultation Free?

We offer you a free phone consultation with our credit card specialists for the same reason we can keep your rates and fees low: our business doesn’t rely on credit card processing, so it doesn’t hurt us to spend a little time and money having our specialists walk you through your card payment options.

Can I Get a Consultation If I’m Not a Client?

No. We offer credit card processing consultations as a courtesy to our Texas business clients. We don’t want to charge for this service, so we choose not to open the service up to businesses that don’t sign up for our services.

What If I’m Already a Client? Can I Still Get a Free Consultation?

Yes! If you’re an existing client, simply request your free credit card processing consultation in your online account.

Will Texas Registered Agent LLC Be My Payment Processor?

No, we’re going to be your agent—the connection—with the processor. We negotiate on your behalf and secure your rates and services, but the payment processor is the company that actually processes card payments for your business and provides you with a merchant account.

Who Will I Pay After I Sign Up with a Payment Processor?

Your merchant agreement will be with the payment processor, which means you will pay the processor for the services they provide, not us. You will receive routine merchant statements from the processor (usually each month) that detail the fees the processor deducted before transferring funds to your bank account.

That doesn’t mean our specialists aren’t involved in monitoring and maintaining your account, or that we don’t make money. It’s just that the processor handles our compensation, not you.

Can’t I Just Go Directly to a Payment Processor?

You’re absolutely able to reach out to payment processors directly. Why take us up on our consultation services, then? Well, when you try to negotiate directly with a payment processor, you’re still dealing with a sales agent with base costs and the power to set your rates. That means you’re communicating with someone with an incentive to jack up your rates and fees—and we have no need for that. That’s why we can keep your markups low.

What Other Services Does Texas Registered Agent LLC Provide?

For starters, we can serve as your business’s Texas Registered Agent or help you form your Texas LLC or Texas corporation (both of which include a full year of registered agent service). Each of these services includes the free use of our Texas business address on your state filings, annual report reminders, and a free client account filled with helpful document templates and other free business tools.

Plus, we have a fail-safe service in place if anyone mistakenly sends some of your ordinary (non-state) business mail to our address. Our registered agent and business formation services include free mail forwarding—up to 5 non-state documents scanned and uploaded to your online account each year.

What if you need a unique mailing address for all of your ordinary business mail, or even a business phone service? We can help there too. Check out our Texas Mail Forwarding and Texas Virtual Office pages to find out how.