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5900 Balcones Drive Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731 | (512) 318-2199

$19/Month Austin, Texas Virtual Office

An employee of Texas Registered Agent scans a document in the office in Austin, Texas.

All the Benefits of an Office, Without the Expense

Using the same address and phone number for work and home means giving customers and others your personal information. But renting a physical office for your business is expensive.

Texas Virtual Office provides a handy solution. With a dedicated Austin, Texas address and secondary business line, you’ll be able to run every part of your company, from sales to admin—without oversharing or overspending. Get unlimited Texas mail forwarding, a prime business address, business phone service, non-binding lease and more, for just $19 per month.

Order $19 Virtual Office

How Do We Compare To The Competition?

$19/Month Monthly Price? $49/Month
We own and operate the building we use to provide virtual office services Do they own their virtual address location? No, they rent locations provided for virtual office use
Scanned Daily To Your Secure Account Virtual Mail Forwarding? Requires In-Person Pickup
We Provide A Local Phone Number Phone Service? Not Offered
Yes Unique Suite Number? Yes
Use To Open A Bank Account Non-Binding Lease? No
Yes Conference Room Rentals? Yes

*Disclaimer: TRUE Space® is a registered trademark of TRUE Space Inc and not affiliated with Texan Registered Agent LLC. This information was true and accurate at the time of preparation.


All The Benefits For a Fraction Of The Cost

  • A Real & Unique Business Address in Austin, Texas
    Put your best foot forward with a reputable commercial address in the state capital. Use this address on your business cards, formation documents, Texas Franchise Tax Report, website, correspondence, promotions and anywhere else you might need it. Includes a unique suite number for your business.
  • Unlimited Texas Mail Forwarding
    Conveniently check your mail from anywhere! Our unlimited digital mail forwarding helps you stay on top of correspondence and keep your documents organized. All incoming mail for your business (except junk mail) will be promptly opened and scanned to your online account by a member of our professional team.
  • Phone Service
    Connect with customers, employees and vendors from anywhere with a dedicated business number you can use on any device, thanks to instant iOS and Android app downloads. Our Texas Virtual Office gives you a virtual phone line with your choice of area code (we have local numbers in all 50 states!) and loads of useful, customizable features.
  • Month-to-Month Office Lease
    This no-obligation commercial lease is for our clients’ benefit only. Unlike a traditional lease, you won’t be locked into a contract with us. But if you ever need tangible proof that your business has a presence in Texas, you’ll have the paperwork.

Order $19 Virtual Office

Make Your Business More Professional, Credible & Legitimate

Have a unique physical & prestigious address right here in Austin, Texas that allows your business to maintain a consistent image. You can use your unique address on business cards, website and email to increase trust in potential clients as opposed to just your home address.

We also provide a non-binding lease which provides your business proof of establishment. This can be useful for opening a business bank account and other crucial services needed for your business to grow successfully.

Why We Do Business Address Better, Get A Real Virtual Address

Most companies offering business address services rent their office space, which means their address could change locations at a moment’s notice. Not us.

We’re the proud owners of own our building in Austin.

This also means we can provide more business services in house. Conference room rentals. Office leases. Unique suite numbers. Your mail management, your physical business identity needs, your digital identity needs—we do it all.

Order $19 Virtual Office