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Texas Mail Forwarding

Same-day Scans to Your Online Account 

As your Texas registered agent we’ll scan your legal mail to you the same day we receive it, for a better price than anyone else out there. We’re also equipped to meet your Texas mail forwarding needs, with 3 different plans to choose from. 

With our comprehensive mail forwarding packages, you get a real Texas office address with a unique suite number that’s never been used before. Official correspondence from the Secretary of State, your utility bills, bank statements, and contracts: everything will go to this one address. We’ll be on hand to receive, sort and scan your mail to your online account instantly, or physically forward it to you once a week—whichever you prefer. 

If you travel for work, live out of state or run a home-based business, read on to learn more about our Texas mail forwarding service.

What is Texas Mail Forwarding? 

Texas mail forwarding means hiring a Texas company to receive your mail at their address, and then forward it to you—either digitally or physically. Texas mail forwarding services also provide a Texas business address you can use for official and/or non-official business purposes, instead of giving out your home address. Using a commercial address in your business interactions will allow you to maintain your privacy while helping you project a successful, professional company image. 

Our Texas Mail Forwarding Options

We have 3 different levels of Texas mail forwarding you can choose from to find the plan that fits your current business needs. Each plan comes with a Texas business address to list on your state documents—but if you need a unique business address you can use for your website, business cards, and in day-to-day business interactions, you’ll want to choose one of our full-service options. 

  • Business Address + 5 Scans/Year: FREE

Our unmatched Texas registered agent service includes free basic mail forwarding! We’ll scan 5 pieces of regular mail to your account every year, at no additional cost to you. Also included is a Texas business address you can list on your state forms to protect your privacy, and guaranteed same-day scans of any official correspondence we receive for your business. If your business is just starting out, you want to keep your home address off the public record, and you have a secondary address you can use for day-to-day business purposes, our basic mail forwarding package is the best plan for you.

  • Unique Suite Number + 20 Scans/Year: $100

If you need your own unique Texas business address and comprehensive mail forwarding, this is a great option. For just over $8 a month, you receive a real Texas office address—complete with a suite number—that you can list on your formation documents, show to investors, publish on your website and use to open a business bank account. When you add this package at checkout, you receive up to 20 non-state mail scans each year, in addition to all of your official mail. You can also choose to have us forward your documents to you physically, once a week. 

  • Unique Suite Number + 40 Scans/Year: $150 

If your company is growing and you expect to receive a large number of non-legal mail items, this is the package to choose. You get a multipurpose Texas business address with a unique suite number, and same-day scans of up to 40 pieces of mail each year. You also have the option of physical mail forwarding once a week, with no additional postage fees. Traveling abroad? No problem: your personal client account travels with you. Run your Texas business from anywhere in the world—you’ll still never miss a single piece of mail. 

How do I sign up? 

You can select one of our full-service mail forwarding packages at checkout when you sign up for one of our Texas business formation services, or registered agent service.

Our basic mail forwarding package is built right in to our Texas registered agent service. When you hire us to be your registered agent or form your Texas LLC or corporation, you’ll automatically get 5 regular mail scans to your account each year, free of charge. 

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Why choose Texan Registered Agent? 


We keep it local.

Our office isn’t located in New Jersey, Maine or Pittsburgh—we’re right here in Austin. And we don’t believe in outsourcing to third parties, which means we won’t send your important mail to some huge distribution center that we have no control over. When we receive your mail at our secure office, a member of our carefully trained, local team will open it and scan it to your digital account that same day, or physically forward it you later that week. 

We’re not going anywhere.

We’ve been here for years and we’re staying put, which means your business address will be the same the day you sign up and 50 years down the road. We believe in slow and steady business growth, rather than rapid accumulation, price hikes and high turnover rates. We want our clients to stay with us for the long term, which is why we put our energy into providing the best registered agent service in all of Texas. If you want a stable Texas business address you can use for the lifetime of your business, you’re right where you need to be. 

We’ve got decades of experience.

Through our many years of providing Texas registered agent service we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ll be your local guide, helping you keep your business in compliance by scanning your mail to you the day we receive it, and sending you important reminders. 

We’re rooting for you.

We know your business means the world to you, and we’ll do everything we can to help it succeed. When you call our customer support number you’ll speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members right here in Austin, whose only goal is answering your question as thoroughly as possible. When you sign up with us we’re your partner for life—and we’ll never leave you out in the cold.

We provide the tools you need to run your business, including reliable, affordable mail forwarding. Sign up for our Texas company formation or registered agent service and get your Texas business address today!

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