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Incorporate in Texas

Protect Your Privacy: $449 Corporation

Can you start a Texas corporation without sacrificing your privacy? Absolutely. When we form your corporation we list our Texas business address in lieu of personal addresses for every director. We do this because everything contained in your Certificate of Formation becomes a matter of public record, available to anyone, once it gets submitted to the Secretary of State.

By simply using our Texas business address, you avoid the headache of being placed on countless mailing lists and receiving a deluge of unsolicited mail for years to come. But that’s not the only reason to have us form your business.

At Texan Registered Agent we pride ourselves on providing fast, seamless and comprehensive incorporation service. We process your order instantly, file your Certificate of Formation in 1 business day, and equip you with all the tools you need for success—including 1 year of Texas Registered Agent service and free basic mail forwarding. If you’re in need of a unique suite number, we also have 2 full-service mail forwarding options you can choose from.

Professional incorporation, local registered agent service, privacy protection and mail forwarding: we satisfy all of your business needs.

  • Certificate of Formation Prepared & Filed
  • Same-Day Processing
  • Free Mail Forwarding
  • Free Phone Service for 60 Days – No-risk Trial
  • Optional Free Credit Card Processing Consultation
  • Free Custom Initial Resolution & Bylaws
  • Texas Business Address to Protect Your Privacy
  • 1 Year of Texas Registered Agent Service
  • Annual Corporation Compliance Reminders
  • Expert Customer Service Support

Why Incorporate with Texan?

There are a lot of companies out there promising fast, easy Texas incorporation—and some of these services are cheaper than ours. So why choose Texan Registered Agent? Well for starters, we’re actually here in Texas. When you go with a huge, national conglomerate you get what you pay for, which often means filing mistakes, avoidable delays, frustrating phone interactions and price hikes from one year to the next. We’re small, we’re local and we handle everything in-house: this means we’re better able to protect your privacy, more efficient than our competitors, and poised to provide the best customer service around. Here’s a closer look at some of the perks of our unbeatable Texas incorporation package.

Transparent Pricing

Many Texas incorporation services pad their bottom line with hidden fees or rates that shoot up next year. At Texan Registered Agent, we believe in upfront pricing.



Texas State Filing Fee $310
Our Incorporation Service Fee $100
One Year Registered Agent Service (Texas Business Address & Free Basic Mail Forwarding Included) $39
Total $449

Same-day Filing

No one is faster than Texan Registered Agent when it comes to preparing and submitting your corporation. Our expert filers fill out and digitally file your Certificate of Formation the same day you submit your order.

You shouldn’t have to wait to get your business up and running. With Texan Registered Agent, you don’t have to. Let us handle every aspect of your corporation formation: preparation, filing, follow up and annual compliance. Our experts leave nothing to chance.

Need to register a foreign (out-of-state) corporation to do business in Texas? We can help with that too! Check out our foreign corporation registration service.

A Texas Business Address

According to Texas Business Organizations Code Sec. § 5.201, all Texas business entities must have a Texas registered agent with a street address in Texas. This registered address will become your official Texas business address, listed permanently in the public record.

When you hire us to form your Texas corporation, we’re also your Texas registered agent for 1 full year (with the option to renew). We list the address of our Austin office for your business, and for every director of your company. This address is a reputable commercial building that we own, which means you get stability, privacy and a boost of credibility all by having us form your corporation.

Free Mail Forwarding

Our Texas incorporation package includes free basic mail forwarding—up to 5 regular mail scans per year. If you don’t expect to receive much non-state mail for your Texas corporation, this is a great option. Just as with any official mail we receive for your business, we’ll send you a notification when you have a new document to view in your account. For business owners who need a completely unique Texas business address, we have 2 full-service mail forwarding options you can add at checkout, both of which include a newly created suite number.

Corporate Forms & Reminders

Corporations are more formal than other Texas entities, and they require a bit more legal upkeep. Our incorporation package includes free, customizable business documents you can use for official record-keeping, including corporate bylaws, initial resolutions, and stock certificates.

We also provide compliance tracking to make sure you don’t miss important deadlines, like the Texas Franchise Tax Report. All Texas corporations are required by law to file this report annually, by May 15. The report comes with an annual tax which varies depending upon gross receipts, and it has a threshold of $1,080,000. If your annual revenue is under this amount, your corporation doesn’t owe anything—but you’re still required to submit the report. Failing to file could result in your corporation being automatically terminated by the state.

Managing a company is a full-time job, and every year there are countless Texas business owners who miss this all-important deadline and end up having their entity dissolved. We’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, which is why we send reminders to your client account to let you know the Franchise Tax Report deadline is approaching. For a nominal fee, you can even hire us to file it for you.

Phone Service

Need a business phone? We’ve got you covered with our convenient Phone Service. More than just call forwarding, Phone Service gives you a virtual phone number with your choice of area code, plus a bunch of easy-to-use features like customizable Caller ID and Voicemail. Get a free 60-day trial when you hire us to form your Texas corporation.

Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

Thinking about setting up your business to accept credit card payments? We offer an optional credit card processing consultation when you hire us to start your Texas corporation. This is a free phone consultation with a card industry expert that includes a free quote and the option to sign up with a payment processor at low rates our specialists negotiate for your business.

Local Support

If you’re going to form a Texas corporation, why would you hire someone in an office in Delaware or New York to handle your filing? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Our filers are real Texans working at our Austin registered office, right down the street from Bull Creek.

Our staff has a deep understanding of how the Texas Secretary of State expects to see business filings. We work here every day, and our direct knowledge of Texas filings allows us to provide faster and more efficient service to all of our clients.

 How Our Texas Corporation Works

  1. You Order Our Texas Corporation Package
  2. We List Our Texas Business Address For Every Director of Your Corporation
  3. Within 24-Hours, Our Filers Prepare & Submit Your Certificate of Formation
  4. The SOS Confirms Your Corporation Within 2 Business Days of Receiving Your Documents
  5. Your Confirmation & Custom Business Docs Arrive
  6. We Provide Texas Registered Agent Service and Free Mail Forwarding for 1 Year
  7. After 1 Year, We Get in Touch to Ask If You’d Like to Renew


DIY Texas Corporation

Every day we get calls from clients who are interested in forming their corporations on their own. We fully support the DIY spirit. Below you will find our guide to forming a Texas corporation on your own.

Before You File

  1. Name Your Corporation

    Every Texas corporation needs a name. You should review the legal restrictions for Texas corporations to be sure you do not violate state law. It is also worth taking the time to do a simple Texas business name search. This will tell you whether or not the name you are considering is already in use by another business.

    You cannot register a name that is already used by another company. If you try, your filing will be rejected by the Texas Secretary of State.

  2. Designate a Registered Agent

    A Texas corporation cannot be formed without a registered agent. The Secretary of State will not accept your Certificate of Formation if it does not list a registered agent. We suggest you compare agents early and find one that best suits your business.

  3. Write Your Bylaws

    According to Texas Business Organizations Code Sec. § 21.057, your corporation’s board of directors must hold an initial meeting to adopt corporate bylaws which lay out the ownership corporation and the management of your company.

    These bylaws are not filed with any government agency, but they should be written early on so that you can lay out the rights and obligations of shareholders, directors and corporate officers. This creates less confusion as your company grows.

Submitting Your Certificate of Formation


The Texas Certificate of Formation is divided into different sections. The first section is made up of various Articles.

Article 1: Entity Name and Type

List the name of your corporation here exactly as you want it to officially appear.

Article 2: Registered Agent and Office

List the name and address of your Texas registered agent. The address must be a physical address. It cannot be a PO box. While you can appoint a business to act as your registered agent in Texas, you cannot appoint your own corporation.

Article 3: Directors

Under Texas law, for-profit Texas corporations need to list the name and address of at least one director on their Certificate of Formation. When we form your corporation, we list our address here instead of your own. If your corporation will have additional directors, make sure to include their names in your bylaws.

Article 4: Authorized Shares

You must list the number of shares of stock you are authorizing at this time. Authorizing shares of stock is the process of creating shares. These shares will be issued to your shareholders at your initial shareholders meeting.

You are also required to list the par value of your shares, if any. Par value is not the actual value of your shares, but rather the lowest possible value that your stock can be sold for. If you are authorizing stock of different classes, you must also list each class of stock and its par value, as well as the relative rights of each class of stock.

Article 5: Purpose

You are not required to add anything to this section, as it is already filled in with the basic state law: your corporation is organized to conduct lawful purposes.

There is, however, space to include supplemental information if you wish to.



You must list the name and address (street or mailing) of your organizer. The organizer is the individual who prepares and submits your Certificate of Formation. If you hired Texan Registered Agent to form your corporation, we would sign as your organizer.

Effectiveness of Filing

Your Certificate of Formation can take effect on one of three dates:

  • When the document is filed by the Secretary of State
  • At a later date, no more than 90 days after filing
  • Upon a specific future event, no more than 90 days after filing

If you want your corporation to begin its official existence upon a specific future event, you must describe in detail the event. For example, you may decide that your corporation will not become effective until your shareholders have raised $10,000. However, if the event does not come to pass within 90 days of filing, then the Secretary of State will not process your corporation.


The document must be signed and dated by your organizer.

After You File

  1. Get an EIN

    Every corporation is required to obtain an EIN. You can apply for an EIN at the IRS website for free.

  2. Annual Franchise Tax

    Every corporation in Texas must file the annual Franchise Tax. This tax is not a set number but is rather based upon gross receipts. The Franchise Tax is paid to the Texas Comptroller and must be submitted by May 15 every year.

    You can print out the proper Texas Franchise Tax form and submit it by mail it to:

    Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
    PO Box 149348
    Austin, TX 78714-9348

  3. Ongoing Maintenance & Compliance

    Your Texas registered agent will help you maintain compliance with state law by forwarding to you any official notifications issued by the Secretary of State, as well as any service of process delivered to their registered office.

    If you hire Texan Registered Agent, you will also have access to all Texas corporation filing forms in your online account. With these forms you can file amendments, address changes, mergers, foreign registrations and all other maintenance documents throughout the life of your business.