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Employer Identification Number (EIN)

What is an EIN?

An Employer Identification Number–also called a Federal Employer Identification Number–is a code issued to businesses to identify those companies for federal tax purposes. Like a Social Security Number, every EIN is unique to a single business.

Do I Need an EIN?

Nearly every Texas business will be required to get an EIN. However, there are a few exceptions. According to the IRS, you must obtain an EIN if:

  • You formed a Texas corporation or partnership
  • Your business has employees
  • Your business must file Employment, Excise, or Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms tax returns
  • Your business withholds taxes on income (other than wages) paid to a non-resident alien
  • You have a Keogh plan
  • You are involved with a trust, estate, real estate mortgage investment conduit, non-profit, farmers co-op, or plan administrators

If you are forming a Texas LLC and your business does not fall into any of the above categories, then you are not required to obtain an EIN. However, even if you are an exception to IRS rules, most banks will require you to have an EIN in order to open a business bank account.

How Do I Get an EIN?

There are four ways to submit a Form SS-4: online, by telephone, mail, and fax.

The simplest, fastest and most-preferred method is online EIN filing.

Toll-free number: 800-829-4933

Fax Number: 859-669-5760

Mailing Address:

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: EIN Operation
Cincinnati, OH 45999

What Form Do I File?

To obtain an EIN for your Texas business, you must file a Form SS-4. There is no fee for applying for an EIN.